Google Pay is a digital payment app. If you do not know what is on Google, then we can say with complete assertion that you will know after reading this article. Here you will learn a lot about the Google app.

Its name was first Google Tez, but later Google added many other good features to it and changed its name to Google Pay. Let us tell you that apart from Google Pay, you will get many digital payment apps like Phone Pe, Paytm, Amazon Pay etc.

But when it comes to Google or its products and services, the attention of the people first comes to them. Because people have great faith in Google and its products. Here we will tell you what is Google Pay and how does Google work and how can you take advantage of it.

What is Google Pay – How does Google work

Google Pay is a digital payment app with the help of which you can play Mobile Recharge, Money Transfer, Bill Payment, Flight Booking, Bus Booking, Trains Booking, Food Order, Shopping, Online Games and more.

It is completely safe and based on UPI. With the help of this, you can recharge your mobile in minutes, even if you have to send money to someone, you can send it easily with the help of Google Pay.

Today, Google Pay already comes installed in many smart phones. It is made in India and it is operated by NPCI. It is also available in many Indian languages, which you can use in your language.

How to create an account in Google Pay

If you have Google Pay app in your phone, then let us tell you how you can create an account in it. But if you have not downloaded Google Pay yet, then you should download it first. You will find this app at play store.

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After downloading the app, open it. After opening it, enter the mobile number that is linked to your bank account.

After entering the mobile number, an OTP will come on your mobile. After inserting OTP, enter your official gmail. So that you can get the information of all the activities being done on your Google Pay account, also on the mail and it has many more benefits.

As if you have forgotten your password, you can reset the password through it and apart from this you can take advantage of many more features.

After this, first of all, you have to secure the screen by putting a screen lock on your Google Pay app so that no one can open the app without your permission.

How to add a bank account in Google Pay

You must have found out what is on Google. To take advantage of all the features of Google Pay, you will have to add your bank account to it. Let’s know how you can add a bank account to Google Pay.

To add a bank account to Google Pay, you have to click on the icon with the profile.

After clicking on the profile icon, you will see the option of Add Bank Account here. You have to click on it.

When you click on Add bank account, the list of all your banks will open. You have to select the bank account in which you have an account from the list.

After selecting Bank Account, an OTP will come to your mobile number for confirmation.

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After inserting OTP, the app will find your bank account. After finding the bank account, you have to select the option with Verify Your Account here and click on Start.

After starting, it will ask you to put the last 6 digits of the 16 digit number above your ATM Dabit Card. You have to put it.

After this, you will get the expiry date of your ATM card. You will get this only on the back of your ATM card.

After entering all this, you have to set UPI PIN by clicking on Create Pin. When you set your UPI PIN, an OTP will come on your mobile number, which you have to put in the column under the UPI PIN.

After this your bank account will be added to google pay. Now you can take advantage of all its features.

How to pay with Google Pay

After adding a bank account to Google Pay, you can make payments to anyone and take payments.

For this, you open the Google Pay App and select the contact number of the person to whom you have to pay.

After selecting the contact number, click on Pay and enter as much payment as you want to send to that person.

After this enter your UPI Pin. After inserting the UPI PIn, your payment will go to the person in front.

How much money can i send with google pay

It depends on UPI Transaction Limit of your bank. If you want, you can also increase or decrease your UPI Transaction Limit, for this you will have to give an application in the bank.

Any Google Pay user can transact 10 times a day.

With Google Pay, you can transact up to 100000 transactions in a day. You can also do it together and in tukdo.

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How safe is google

Google Pay is completely a safe UPI Payment App. Whatever transaction you do with this is completely safe. Because Google keeps all your information on a secure server.

You cannot send payment to anyone without entering the UPI PIN and whenever your account is logged into another device, Google sends you an alert. With which you can make your Google pay account and email id more secure.

Benefits of Google Pay

After knowing and learning so much about Google Pay, now let us know what are the benefits of Google Pay.

With Google Pay, you can send payment to anyone and you can take payment from anyone.

Many times we give money to someone, but there are some people who forget. In this, you can see Transaction History and tell that person that you had paid him on this date.

In this you get lots of cashback and offers.

With Google Pay, you can shop, order food, mobile recharge as well as other recharge and bill payments.

Through this, you can send money to any distant relative or friend.

With Google Pay, you can send an attractive gift to a family member who is staying away from you. Because Google Pay is being used everywhere.

The conclusion

We hope you know what is on Google and how it works on Google . It is our endeavor that we make every contribution to digitalize every Indian citizen and give him the best information.

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