The strange man attacked Oyedepo and beat the security guards of the church.

Two Sundays prior to the Shiloh Programme’s inception, the strange man attacked the popular clergyman.

According to PM news, the intruder entered the church through the Love Wing entrance and was able tactically to gain access to the altar while Oyedepo was preaching.

The fourth service was interrupted by security breaches when a large crowd saw a strange man dressed in a white suit make his way to Holy Trinity.

The man was seen holding Bishop Oyedepo by one of his legs, dragging him, and would have brought him to the ground before security personnel quickly intervened.

To prevent Oyedepo’s child David from falling on the altar, the security guards and some of the leaders at the altar, including Oyedepo’s son David, had to forcefully remove the man from the Bishop.

Oyedepo’s security agents gave the man the beating of his heart.

Security has been tightened since the incident and was even tighter at the Shiloh.

Changes have been made to the security personnel who were present at the scene of the incident.

You can watch the video below:


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