Treasury balance Defi staking is a Financial tool that can help you grow your wealth. You can stake and earn compounding interests

What is Treasury Balance Defi Staking?

Treasury as a service is a business model for decentralized custody and management of partnership funds. It sells bonds to absorb liquidity from partners into its treasury.

Profit Allocations are the sole treasury variable. This allows them to select who gets the profits from this protocol.

The initial network includes a one-way Treasury (money goes into, nothing comes out), a binding contract (through the supply increases and profits are made i.e. minting), as well as the staking agreement (where profits are distributed).

List of Treasury Balance Defi Staking Platforms

Here is a list of treasury imbalance Defi staking options.

1. Olympus Staking Treasury

  • Total OHM Staked at 91.0%
  • The Treasury Balance is $650,905,405
  • Total Value Locked $3,568,455,631
  • Current APY: 8.172%

Olympus is creating a decentralized, community-owned financial infrastructure in order to bring stability and transparency to the global economy.

Olympus offers compound interest to reward stakers, increasing their OHM holdings over the course of time.

Olympus is an algorithmic cryptocurrency protocol that aims to become a stable crypto native currency. Olympus, though sometimes called an algorithmic stablecoin (or Olympus), is closer to a central banking institution because it uses reserve assets such as DAI to manage the price.

It is important to maintain price stability and a market-driven price. OHM differs from stablecoins such as USDC in that it is backed, but not tied to a specific price.

The price floor for OHM technically is 1 DAI. However, it is practically a premium and the treasury values are added to the price.

OHM is different from other algorithmic stablecoins such as Ampleforth(AMPL) in that it issues OHM to purchase DAI and other assets and maintain a Treasury.

This mechanism is very similar to FEI, but Olympus lets its token float.

Olympus controls almost all its liquidity. This helps to maintain price stability as well as treasury income. Olympus’s protocol-owned liquidity protects it from unfavourable market conditions because of its longevity and efficiency.

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OHM can also be staked by users, which decreases OHM supply on the open market and adds value to the protocol.

Staking rewards on Olympus are very high and have north of 7,000% annual percentage yield (APY) at the time of writing. This is down from more than 100,000% at the start of the protocol. Staking rewards are auto-compounding every eight hours.

These high rewards are designed to reward users who accumulate more OHM, rather than hoping for appreciation in USD terms.

Protocol acknowledges that OHM’s price could and should fall in dollar terms over the long term.

This aggressive accumulation strategy aims to increase the protocol’s market capitalization while growing the treasury.

2. Wonderland.Money


  • Total Staked: 125 651
  • The Treasury Balance: $281.201.551
  • Current APY: 669,285.6%

Wonderland, based on TIME token, is the first decentralized reserve money protocol that is available on the Avalanche Network.

Each TIME token has a basket of assets backing it (e.g. MIM, TIMEAVAX LP Tokens etc.) that gives it an intrinsic value it cannot lose.

Wonderland introduces game-theoretic and economic dynamics to the market via staking, minting and staking.

They want to create a policy-controlled currency system that is native to the ADVAX network. This will allow the behaviour of the TOKEN token to be controlled! They believe that this system can be optimized for stability and consistency in the long term so that TIME can serve as a global medium of exchange currency and unit of account.

They plan to optimize the system in the short term for growth and wealth creation.

They want to achieve price flatness in a representative basket without using fiat currency. This will allow cryptocurrency to become a true financial industry.

Supply growth is the main benefit to stakers. The protocol creates new TIME tokens out of the treasury. Most of these tokens are distributed to stakers.

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The auto-compounding balances will be the most lucrative for stakers. However, price exposure is still an important consideration.

If the token balance increases faster than the price drop (due to inflation), then stakers will make a profit.

Price consistency is the main benefit to minters. Minters invest capital upfront and are promised a fixed rate of return at a specific time. This return is in TOTEM tokens. The minter’s profit will depend on TIME prices when the TIME matures.

This means that minters can benefit from a rising price or a static price for the Time token.

3. Klima DAO

  • EQUIVALENT TO: 37.960 hectares forest 1,650.443 passenger cars (annual) 3,878,458,105 Liters of gasoline source
  • CURRENT AAPY: 34.369%
  • PRICE (USDC: $1,890)

Klima DAO is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation that promotes change.

Klima DAO creates infrastructure incentives to fulfil our manifesto through primitives like the KLIMA token.

Klima DAO will, as a matter of fact, solve the crucial problems of carbon markets: illiquidity and opacity.

Klima DAO will be the biggest disruptor of carbon markets and establish a precedent for a new monetary system that is carbon-backed.

KlimaDAO’s goal to increase the value of carbon assets is to speed up its appreciation. High carbon prices force companies and economies to adjust more quickly to climate change. This makes low-carbon technologies, and carbon-removal programs more profitable.

We will create value for our community through the KLIMA token and create a positive cycle of growth.

The KLIMA token, each backed by carbon assets, will eventually function as a sustainable asset and medium of exchange, with real-planet value.

4. BadgerDAO

  • Total Value Locked $931,324,030
  • 28,100 total users
  • Number of Vaults/Strategies: 39
  • Treasury Holdings: $240M+

BadgerDAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is working to bring Bitcoin into Defi.

They are managed by their users, not VCs, whales or institutions.

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This is not just talking – the numbers speak for themself.

  • 29,000 wallets have the BADGER governance token and can vote in the governance
  • 1,500 active members in our Discord community
  • 67 Badger Improvement Ideas submitted by members of the community and teams


Gyro is a currency decentralized that isn’t tied to any fiat currency. Gyro’s stable currency is controlled algorithmically by market dynamics. It aims to reduce inflation and give users the same purchasing ability tomorrow as today.

Gyro is fundamentally a treasury of liquidity and liquidity, which are managed and owned directly by the protocol.

Gyro’s algorithm generates Gyro tokens dynamically based on bond mechanisms, high staking rewards and other factors that help to control inflation.

The Bonds are issued by the treasury, which generates profits for the protocol. The profit is used by the treasury for the production of GYRO, and distribution to the stakers. The protocol can accumulate liquidity and ensure stability by using LP bonds.

6. Spartacus.Finance

Let’s begin by saying that Zeus, OlympusDAO, has done an amazing job creating the “Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL)” concept.

When everyone bonds their underlying assets into one common currency, a community is created. This creates a strong “bonding”, for all members of the community.

Spartacus continues the tradition and we will aim higher.

Spartacus, the Olympus fork of Fantom, is Spartacus. Spartacus has the mission to create a community-owned protocol that will decentralize a reserve currency.

Stakers aim for passive, long-term rebase returns. Rebase rewards are derived from the proceeds of bond sales. Stakers receive rewards proportional to the staked amount.

Bond + stake is the best strategy to earn long-term benefits. The rebase schedule is set up on an epoch basis, which means that the rebases will occur periodically.

Rebased rewards are automatically earned and you don’t need to do anything if you want to continue staking.