Oh, baby food: “Clean the plate. Hungry kids live in Africa.” Throw peas at your brother and hide more peas under the mashed potatoes. , Adults are scolded not to waste peas.

As children, we begin to feel guilty about wasting food, but others don’t, and maybe we should, because there’s something wonderful here. The amount of food waste generated annually in the world is more than enough to feed nearly one million hungry people around the world. van.
It may seem strange to hear that consumers in developed countries waste about the same amount of food each year (22 million tonnes) as total food production in sub-Saharan Africa, but this happens every year. happens. It all seems cruel! Few live a luxurious lifestyle, but too many are in poverty.

Human beings, the creation of God that has disturbed the land of humanity, are now beyond the pinnacle of extinction from the universe of humanity. Is it allowed for 1 in 9 to stay hungry? The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that 795 million of the world’s 7.3 billion people do not have three meals a day. We live in a world where hundreds of innocent souls are hungry for food shortages.

The situation in Pakistan deteriorated when we arrived in our country as we roamed the United States in sub-Saharan Africa. A former Pakistani director says 40 percent of all food is wasted in Pakistan. Seriously? We are at the bottom of developing countries and we are still wasting food very badly. Yes, we are certainly a nuclear country, with plenty of land, plenty of water, an agriculturally friendly climate, and weather. However, there are cases where mothers sell their children because they are hungry.

According to 2015 World Bank statistics, about 50 percent of Pakistan’s total population lives below the poverty line. That is, they do not have enough food to resist stomach abuse.

Hunger affects sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, and South Asia the most. Not everyone can eat enough, but not everyone eats enough. “Four children die of hunger every minute,” says comedian Eddie Izzard.

There can be many causes of poverty in this world, including heavy rains, floods, and long-term droughts, but the biggest conflict is food insecurity. Although people are hungry and dying, there is plenty of food. Corruption of the industry is another cause of hunger and poverty. This has a lot to do with the government. Many countries do not have much corruption and have a functioning government, and in many countries that suffer from hunger and poverty, there are corrupt governments that do not try to solve their problems, nothing has changed.

Food insecurity is a major social and environmental problem, including food insecurity and rising food prices in low-income communities. In addition, food waste also means that most of the equipment that produces perishable food as well as greenhouse gas emissions comes from perishable food production.

There are several things you can do to prevent food poisoning. For example, many 5-star hotels lose about 870 kilograms of food. This food is provided for those who live in small houses and have no food at all. Then we look at wasted food at the wedding, most notably. This food could put millions of people to sleep.

It can also prevent wasting food at home. Be organized, use your menu, and avoid unnecessary clutter. As a result, they often buy junk food. Buy what you need. For example, if the recipe involves two carrots, do not buy a bag.
It can also teach residents to eat. Of course, no one liked Debbie Downer at the banquet table. Anyway, it turns out that only food waste knows that people pay attention to small waste.

What does it take to be human? Maybe a little bit? Of course, we do not all think about it. What if a rich man who had been ordered to go to heaven at a meal gave some of his belongings to the poor people who woke up at night and screamed under the roof open and empty dishes? It is unlikely that this will happen, as the story goes on at a time when the poor and the weak are always at war with the rich and the powerful, but now is the time to listen. the situation is crying out for humanity.