Welcome to the Lunar Crush Airdrop Guide. LunarCrush is reimagining the past and paving the way to better business models for the future.

Companies had to be able to charge recurring subscription fees, place noisy ads on their website, and sell customer data before utility tokens.

They believe in a better business model.

LunarCrush will take a small amount of your Lunr earned on the LunarCrush website when you claim Lunr in your wallet.

They can then run their operations and pay for hosting. This keeps them innovating, which will bring you more insight!

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How do I earn Lunr?

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Lunr is a utility token that LunarCrush users are rewarded for their work with LunarCrush.

LunarCrush offers social insights on cryptocurrencies. Access to this data is completely free.

Instead of charging users for a subscription and exposing them to horrible ads or selling data, they have created a variety of activities that will be incentivized on the platform.

These activities include:

One-Time Reward

  • Signing up (25 Points)
  • Connecting to your Twitter account (25 Points)
  • Set up Alerts (25 points).
  • 25 points for adding coins to your portfolio


  • Use the LunarCrush App on iOS and Android.
  • Social media sharing of content
  • Getting engagement on your shared content
  • Inviting others to join

Every milestone in the app will earn users points. These points can be converted into Lunr tokens after reaching certain thresholds.

Each day, the points total will be added up. Each day, your claim to Lunr will be determined by how much you have done for the community.

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PointsLimitsMax Daily pointsOnboard-New Account Sign Up25125Onboard-Add Holdings25125Onboard-Add First Alert25125Onboard-Connect Twitter Account25125Daily Active Users111Share-Link Share21020Share-Link Click1149149Friend Signup530150

Current Levels

Level 0Level 1Level 2Level 3Lunr Hodling RequirementsN/A0 Lunr30 Lunr100 LunrBonus RewardsN/AN/AL2 BonusL3 BonusData DurationUp to 1 weekUp to 3 monthsUp to 1 yearUp to 2 yearsUser AccountNoYesYesYesUser ProfileNoYesYesYesWalletNoYesYesYesPointsNoYesYesYesMarket MetricsYesYesYesYesSocial MetricsYesYesYesYesCoin Galaxy Score MetricLimited(No Galaxy Scor(tm)e detail)Limited(No Galaxy Score(tm) detail)YesYesCoin AltRank MetricLimited(No AltRank(tm) detail pages)Limited(No AltRank(tm) detail pages)YesYesDashboardLimited(No personalized feed/portfolio/favorites)YesYesYesFeedLimited(8 only, not personalized)Yes(Personalized + Trending)Yes(Personalized + Trending)Yes(Personalized + Trending)AlertsNoYesYesYesGlobal AlertsNoNoNoYesCatch-All AlertsNoNoNoYesNotificationsNoYesYesYesPortfolioNoYesYesYesCoin of the DayYesYesYesYesMarketsYesYesYesYesCoin Detail PagesYesYesYesYesExchange Detail PagesYesYesYesYesExploreLimited(Only top 8 on any query)YesYesYesInfluencersLimited(Only top 8 on any query)YesYesYesSettingsNoYesYesYesAboutYesYesYesYesLegalYesYesYesYesFAQYesYesYesYesSearchYesYesYesYes

What is the point of points?

LunarCrush users are rewarded for using the app. These rewards come in the form of points. Upon reaching certain thresholds, the points can be converted into Lunr tokens.

A user’s points are a measure of how likely they are to earn Lunr tokens.

These points will be awarded to LunarCrush users who reach certain milestones in the app. The number of Lunr tokens that a user will get will be determined by the points they have earned.

Users are more likely to get points for more usage.

Rewards points can be earned by taking specific actions

Loyalty and action are the two main factors that determine how many points a member receives.

Final Verdict

The community that they create is often the key to any venture’s success. Sustainable growth is driven by the passion, size, and contributions of the community.

Yet, this contribution is rarely recognized or rewarded.

Lunr honors individuals in a community for their work and rewards them accordingly.

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It is more than a short-term reward. It becomes a right to your position in an ecosystem. It’s rocket fuel for communities, as they prefer to call it.