ForeverBNB is one of the first tokens to offer dividend yields in BUSD and rebasing tokenomics. ForeverBNB is a simple idea that combines the three most popular trending mechanisms: Buyback, Dividends, and Rebasing.

Current CoinMarketCap ranking: #3174. Live market cap: not available. The maximum circulating supply and not available.

What is ForeverBNB?

This is the first token that provides BUSDrewards to holders. The chart is programmed to maintain a constant climb. What are you waiting for?!

ForeverBNB is a price elastic token that has an adjustable supply. Rebases transform price-elastic tokens into

synthetic commodities with fluctuating prices and gradually stabilize supplies.

Rebases are intended to be tradeable and potentially very profitable. Now with BUSD Rewards!

ForeverBNB is Rebase’s first token that rewards holders with BUSD to hold

Is ForeverBNB a good investment?

Simply holding the coin will earn you cryptocurrencies. BUSD. The more you hold the coin, the more you’ll earn. Our rebasing mechanism ensures that the charts go up every time you open them. It really is that easy.

You can ask the mods and devs any questions that you might have. So, come on over and get involved. Don’t miss the next multi-million-dollar mcap coin.

This coin is truly useful. Earn USD instantly by holding it!

Rebase explained.

ForeverBNB can be described as an elastic supply token. This means that the total supply is constantly changing. These are known as “Rebases” and occur every now and again.

Rebases can cause a rise in the price of the product by burning out supply. It looks like this:

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Rebase is what it’s called

  • The ecosystem’s overall tokens decrease (including the okens you have in your wallet).
  • The token’s price is increased
  • Your overall holdings value remains the same.

Your token supply has decreased, but the price has increased. The total value of your holdings will remain the same. The % of tokens remaining in your possession will remain the same as before the rebase.

Important to remember that rebases do not affect the real value of your holdings.

What does it do?

Rewards Rebasing ensures that the token’s price will always rise. This will ensure that the chart on listing sites stays green, as the price of the token moves up.

Our chart is constantly growing, which helps us to get trending on the biggest listing sites like CoinGecko, Dextools and CoinmarketCap, thereby attracting new investors to ForeverBNB.


Investors will see unprecedented returns if they have a rising chart and BUSD rewards to keep their shares.

Reward Program

ForeverBNB token owners will be rewarded by receiving 7% of transaction taxes in BUSD. You can simply hold ForeverBNB tokens and receive BSC BEP-20 BUSD in your wallet!

Selling ForeverBNB tokens is an incentive to keep them. You will lose the right to receive BUSD rewards within 6 hours of the sale.

Earn more if you have more!

ForeverBNB Tokenomics

  • 7% % to buy BUSD, which is automatically paid in dividends to the holders.
  • 3% Divided between marketing fund and buyback mechanism. Splitting 4% between team/marketing fund and buyback mechanism.
  • 4% Add liquidity to create a strong price floor Auto-burn liquidity
  • 1% Development and Lottery Wallet
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ForeverBNB is Rebase’s first token that offers BUSD rewards. This reward adds an incentive to earn and hold the token. 15% tax is divided equally: 4% goes to the buyback mechanism, and 4% to the marketing fund.

The buyback mechanism is divided at 4% and the team/marketing funds at 4%. The Marketing Fund can be used to correct extreme market volatility.

BUSD Rewards Tax of 7% goes towards the contract that buys BUSD and then distributes it proportionally to the owners.

We maintain a steady liquidity pool of 2% to make your investment more secure and sustainable over the long term.

2% Development – Used to cover any additional costs beyond marketing so that the marketing budget can be fully used for the project.

How to buy ForeverBNB

1. Install MetaMask and TrustWallet

  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox to open
  • Install the MetaMask chrome extension to create a wallet.
  • On mobile? MetaMask’s App for iPhone and Android.

2. Buy BNB on an Exchange

  • Transfer BNB to your MetaMask TrustWallet.

3. Metamask now includes Binance Smart Chain

4. Swap PancakeSwap

  • Click connect wallet at PancakeSwap
  • Copy the ForeverBNB contract address and adjust your slippage to 20 per cent
  • Contract Address: 0x4B7bF20baaE7F04AbEa55B49c0fFBC31758A05a4