Welcome to the xclusivebob Intech Ads Review. With thousands of websites being built every day, many advertising companies are also scouring the internet for potential clients. Let’s have a look at Intechads agency. First,


Intech Ads allows advertisers to sell their ads online to publishers, who in turn will return traffic to them.Advertisers just need to submit ads and set up their budget and target audience using the Intech Ads advertisers account. Intech Ads publishers account is required to generate the desired dimensions of ad codes. The platform is highly advanced and handles traffic exchange and ads selling automatically.

Are Intech ads real or fake?

Intech Ads is a subsidiary of INTECHNG, a reputable Nigerian tech firm. It employs highly skilled and experienced staff to ensure that users have a smooth and safe experience on the platform.

Finding a reliable ad network has been a challenge over the years for publishers, bloggers, and advertisers. Intech Ads is a network that shows high-quality ads and pays well over time.

It can take a lot of trials and hits to find an ad network that will serve ads on the blog. A reliable ads network serves both the advertisers and publishers equally and takes a commission for the service.

I am constantly testing new networks to help bloggers find reliable ad networks. Intech Ads is my recommendation.

Intech Ads is a popular and rapidly-growing ad network among bloggers and publishers. I’m happy to share my review.

Intech Ads is a sophisticated online platform that allows publishers and advertisers of all sizes to exchange traffic and advertisements in a mutually advantageous manner.

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Intech Text Ads and Banner Size

Text ads are the most basic online ad format. It consists of four parts: title description, display URL, and click URL title. This is the most visible part of your ad so make sure to include the most relevant keywords.

To add information about your products or services, always use the description. To give you a better idea of the destination of your ad, the display URL is used.

Text ads can be used to advertise on the Internet because they are flexible, have few restrictions, and don’t require any expenditure.

Banner advertising in all sizes

A picture is worth a thousand words, as people always say. Advertisers might consider banner ads. Banners must be attractive enough to grab the attention of visitors.

They support all industry-standard banner dimensions. The banner ad consists of two parts: the click URL and the graphic image. You can grab people’s attention with the image and increase their retention rate.

Adverts with text and images

Text + Image ads combine text and images into one ad. These are also known as Facebook-style ads. This format uses smaller images than banner ads. This format will provide greater content richness than normal text ads, while still allowing for equal emphasis on the text and image parts of the ad.

Text + Image combines all text ads and banner ads. It has five parts: title description, description, display URL, click URL, and image.

Ecommerce Ads

These ads are unique ad formats for advertisers who have e-commerce sites or classifieds/directory sites. These ads can also be displayed in highly customizable display layouts that allow for text+image, image only, or text+image ads.

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How to Get Intech Ads Approval: This Beginners Guide

Even for beginners, the interface is simple to use. The dashboard’s simplicity is not to be underestimated. It will help you make the most of your blog and generate income.

Go ahead and register for an account via (www.intechads.com) Once you have registered your account will be automatically approved and activated. It is important for you to know various kinds of ads offered so that you can pick the right ad type and make maximum money. Below, I will outline the various ad types as well as the essential points. Have a look.

High-Intech Ads Perform Ads

Pop-under ads:

These ads appear in a different window than your original website. These ads are often found on viral websites and used by people who drive traffic to their site for a fee.

Intech Ads also has an anti-ad blocking technology to reduce the risk of Adblocker.

What are Intech Ads’ minimum payout and supported payment options?

When choosing an advertising network, the minimum payout should be a deciding factor. High minimum payouts can cause you to lose your money and prevent you from cashing out. Intech Ads won’t make you worry, as the payout ranges between NGN400 and NGN1500 for publishers.
Intech – Payment-options

Additionally, I would like to see them add Bitcoin withdrawal options soon. This feature is already offered by many other ad networks.

Intech Ads currently supports the following payment methods:

Transfer to the bank

Intech Ads pays publishers NGN400 per month for CPM and N 1000 NGN1500 per month for CPC.

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I am always on the lookout for quality ad networks that work and generate revenue. Out of curiosity, I test new ad networks. Intech Ads has been my favorite ad network to test.

You must be careful when placing ads. Pop-unders, for example, can generate huge revenue but can also cause a disruption in user experience.

While such ads can be helpful for certain websites, they are dangerous for sites with a lot of content. It is worth trying out different advertising options to find the one that works best for your needs.

Sign up for Intech Ads (www.intechads.com)

Can I use Intech Ads in conjunction with Google Adsense?

You can use Intech Ads with AdSense. Google policies allow you to display up to three pop-ads per page that AdSense is on.
Need further help please visit helpdesk.intechads.com