There is no doubt that many people die each year due to natural disasters. Tim and help organizations save mainly depends on the technology to control the operation of rescue and helped him harm. Nowadays, contemporary technologies and services have been developed to enhance the overall structure of rescue organizations to provide fast and effective services to affected individuals.

Now, the technology includes disaster relief efforts. For example, robots and drones can find survivors in disaster areas and send the necessary information to the rescue team. As a result of the Haiti earthquake, the “Serval” project has been developed. Technology allows us to communicate with one another without network coverage.

Trilogy Emergency Assistance Application (Impressions)

The Trilogy Emergency Assistance (TERA) application is based on a two-way service, where individuals affected by natural disasters can work with aid agencies. Since the Haiti earthquake in 2010, the technology has been in use.

The British Air Force is moving forward and distributing food, water, and other necessities to refugees in Northern Iraq. Technology is required to communicate with the local (electricity for mobile phones). Land Initiative reports:

In companies that have drinking water, food, and tents, RAF aircraft issue 1000 plus solar-powered lantern bonds, charging almost all mobile phones. This is the first time Lantern has resisted such efforts to help refugees. Still, humanitarian workers feel every step has been taken, from making technological diagrams to making impactful changes in disaster zones throughout Northern Iraq and around the world.

Imagine you have a solar-powered lantern while camping with navigation to provide a power source. Offers connections to all types of phones. When the crisis, most people think about how to protect themselves, so if there is a good connection with the situation, she could hope. Communication vulnerabilities during emergencies are triggered and later will be more enjoyable.

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Network network

In another project, Australian physician Paul Gardner-Stephen designed a mesh network for communication via mobile phones, even when there was no internet connection. The network was designed specifically to protect them if there is an emergency. Individuals can call, text message, and send the required files to other people in the vicinity. By creating a mobile system through the user’s web. What people generally think that communication should be when there is a crisis like an earthquake or a war zone? Gardner-Stephen asserts:

It took three days so that he could no longer service life. People who can not control well again by people who are not nice unknown.

He describes the summary, throwing away his wallet:

There are many technologies available to rich white men. Now, we have to help other people in this world.

Lane offers a unique technology (solar-powered lantern) used in many developing countries. Instead, you need to generate more discoveries and spread the best science and technology around the world.