Dimmykiss Biography

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Dimmykiss Biography

Dimmy is Dimmy’s real name

Stage Name: Dimmykiss

Date of Birth: 1990

Age: Below 30

Profession: Motivation speaker / Town Crier

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $100K dollars

Who is Dimmykiss?

Dimmykiss, a Nigerian motivation speaker, is very popular. Dimmykiss, a popular town crier, is well-known for his motivational and country situation skits via social media platforms.

Dimmykiss is brave and doesn’t hesitate to share his thoughts with others. He was a former diplomat who used to speak about the country. Dimmykiss is indeed a brave and a funny man I have met in Nigeria as a motivation speaker.

Dimmykiss Career

Dimmykiss began his career as a motivation speaker a few years ago. Dimmykiss became popular after he posted a video on Instagram where he discussed country situations. This brought him to the limelight and made him popular on social media platforms.

Dimmykiss Date Of Birth

Dimmykiss was born in 1990. He is currently under 30 years of age when this article about dimmykiss’ biography and net worth is being written.

Dimmykiss Net Worth

Dimmykis’ net worth was estimated at $100K at the time this article was written.

Dimmykiss Instagram Handle

Follow dimmykiss via his official Instagram account @ dimmykiss


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