Esther Nwachukwu, a promising Nollywood actress, has accused her colleague, Jnr Pope, of cheating on his wife.

Esther Nwachukwu said in an Instagram video that Jnr Pope slept with her despite being married with three children.

She also claimed that Jnr Pope conspired with her and begged her to do a fake tattoo on her body to make him trend on social media which she did and after doing it, Jnr Pope’s wife blocked her.

Esther Nwachukwu further claimed that Jnr Pope didn’t sympathize with her after her Instagram page got disabled.

Calling him out on Instagram, she said, “After begging me to make a video of me tattooing your name on my body, when my page was disabled, you were feeling important. Help me ask Jnr Pope, if he wasn’t the one that begged me to tattoo his name on my body. I never tattooed Jnr Pope on my body, it was all arranged. Ask him if me and am no f**k.? The worse part is that e no sabi f**k.”

Reacting to the scandalous allegations thrown at him and the infidelity allegations, Jnr Pope who seemed unperturbed posted a new photo on his Instagram page, subtly revealing that he is all about love has no room for negative vibes.

Reacting to this an Instagram user identified as @iamrealebere wrote;

He is married this girl, you all should respect yourselves and respect your fellow married women homes, home breakers.

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