I’m going to tell about Best Website Idea to bring traffic from 60+ places I mean different 60+ such Keyword would search in every day, millions above which and all those A website like these is shown in the search results.

Meaning that if someone is searching about “a”, then they will also be shown your site, if someone is searching for “b”, then they will also be shown your site and if someone is searching about “c”. If so, they will also be shown on your own site. I know you guys are getting worried. What such an idea? I’m gonna tell you everything.

Single Page Website Ideas

I want to tell you to double your happiness; this is a single-page website idea. You will not have to create multiple pages; all the work will be done on a single page. You will have to create a website or web page of Online Video Downloader, yes my brother, today I will teach you how to make Online Video Downloader and its benefits? How much traffic can come? How much money you can earn, and how people are earning money? Will you monetize with google AdSense or not? I will give good information on all these things and where I will take whatever things it takes to make such a website. I am going to give it to people for free.

Friends, in today’s date, the user of the Internet is growing very fast, and more and more people spend time on platforms like social media. There they get many such videos; they get such images that they want to download. Still, no one The social media platform does not give direct permission to download their videos or images, so there is a need for such a tool with the help of which they can download those videos, for this many creators or web developers have done this. Tool to maintain a single-page website. If you also publish by making a single-page website in this way, then as the traffic will come, gradually, your earnings will also start on top of your site.

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Online Video Downloader Script for Website

Friends, I am showing the picture of you guys first. See this

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You can see in this picture that I am going to share with you an idea in which more than 40 Online Video Downloader is available. Mainly this is a type of PHP script which you have to configure by loading it in your hosting’s public_html, and after that, automatically download starts working like this on your live page. If you think carefully, then all your work will be done inside a single page, but if you want, you can create different websites to download videos from each social media, but this idea of ​​mine would make your work very easy. And all the Google searches that download, so many social media videos remove the same solution.

Low competition niches for blog 2021

Many people are looking for low competition niches for blog 2021. I want to say to those people that you must do blogging, but along with them, you should also keep this type of website because she,e I have already been told that you have to do blogging. You don’t have to work every day like that. I want to explain to you some examples below that if you want to work like this, what is their future?

Low Competition website keywords

Here you can see that I have put a keyword on ahfers Vimeo video downloader, so the data has come out.

  • Competition medium – 24
  • Search volume 7.1K from Nigeria only
  • Global search volume 20K
  • Nigerian CPC -$0.35
  • Organic clicks – 72%
  • Overall trends alike from 2015
  • Low competition keywords list
  • Low Competition Keywords

Just look at the second image here. I have searched again on ahrefs Reddit Video Downloader.

  • Competition Hard – 34
  • Search Volume from Nigeria only – 6.5K
  • Global Search Volume – 114K
  • Organic Clicks – Not shown
  • Reddit Video Downloader Low competition Keywords

You can also see the data of Twitter Video Downloader, where competition is high, and website traffic is also very high.

You can see by doing keyword research according to you; I do not want to waste your time.

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Website design

Designing such a website is challenging because you need to know every coding language, but I have given a complete script below, which you download.

And after that, you open the hosting cPanel and then go to the file manager and then click on public_html.

Now select the whole files in this folder and delete them.

Look a little above, everyone is showing an upload section by clicking on it, upload the file I have given after it is uploaded you will see a file named All in one Downloader, that too will be a zip file, now you Select it and look at the top there is an extract option, click on it.

Now many files will open, out of which you can delete the original zip file, then click on it for that and delete it because it is no longer needed.

Just refresh your website and see that you’re all in one downloader is life

But for that, you have to do a complete WordPress set-up in advance, where you do not have to install WordPress or even if you do, they will not see it live.

Website traffic

I come to the real point; if I agree to make a website for your Online Video Downloader, it comes to the traffic on the website. Obviously, this kind of website does take some time to rank because its content is very little.

focus on some good points

After doing keyword research about each social media downloader, write SEO friendly articles in a good way and post another page.

Share your website on social media.

Sometimes this type of video plays well on YouTube, still make some such video and teach people how to download social media videos, and at that time, you can tell about your website or give a link in the description box.

Try to make backlinks from good websites, and there are many such websites from where you can get Dofollow Backlinks for free.

Go to Quora and answer such questions, and there you share the link to your website.

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There are many such websites where you can get a lot of traffic and backlinks by posting content and putting your gender.

My favourite formula is to create a Pin in Pinterest and keep applying the gender, work continuously for 15 days, see the result, come back, and comment to me, and you will get a lot of traffic only from Pinterest.

You have to learn well about what I have told above, that is, to know how to get traffic with the help of it,


When I have told you even this, I should not tell you this website cannot happen. Yes, my brother, you can earn money from this kind of website only with the help of Google Adsense. If you want proof, then you write Pinterest video downloader on Google, and after that all the websites that will come, you should check that all those websites are monetized with Google Adsense.

And by putting their keywords on Google from all the social media platforms, you can see that all the websites are monetized with Google Adsense.

And there is a way to earn a lot of money like

  • You can earn money by putting stickers of any brand
  • You can earn money from Affiliate
  • Can you do CPA marketing?
  • You can join another Ads network, but I do not recommend it that much.
  • Online Video downloader script Download

You will have to download the man property with the help of which your online video downloader website will work, for which you will have to pay at least 25 dollars. I will give it to you for free, I have also tried hard on the internet, but the file I got was for making the application; later, I changed a little bit to put it on the web page, only the PHP file giving away.


My Opinion

Friends, setting such a script is a challenging task. So if you can do it on your own, it is right. Otherwise, you can buy such a premium script, which is easy to configure, you can buy it. Otherwise, your hard work may be in vain.