Angel, a female BBNaija housemate, has offered some counsel to Pere, who is currently dealing with betrayal from his friend, Saga.

This comes after Biggie revealed that Saga and his love interest, Nini, had called Pere irrational and unreliable.

Angel told Pere in the garden that she understands how upsetting this must have been for him, but it’s up to him to “shine his eyes.”

“That was a lot especially coming from your friend (Saga), you need to shine your eye.

“We all know you’re an instigator, some jokes you make, some people take them seriously and turn them to something serious.

“You need to be conscious about what you say. I’m sure you do it unconsciously but other people don’t find it funny.

“I understand how you feel, it’s so bad for it to come from a friend but we would soon be out of here. Just be careful with him,” she said.

Meanwhile, Angel took her turn in the Diary Room and she came up with some pretty things eating her up.

The Diary Session is the period housemates interact with the moderator of Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) on things bothering them during their stay in the house although they are still denied the opportunity of seeing his face and knowing his identity.

This is the period housemates pour out their feelings in confidentiality without having to feel other housemates would listen to them.

Biggie on the other hand instructs them on what to do and how they can acclimatize in the house to inject the right dose of adrenaline into the show to make it more exciting.

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See what Angel told Bigge when she took her turn in the Diary Room on Thursday.

1} I’m stressed and exhausted for many reasons, and I’m mentally tired.

2} I’m prepared for whatever outcome on Sunday.

3} I’m mimicking Nini and I’m already exhausted because I have to follow Saga around the house.

4} I’ve been trying to do Amebo about the Liquorose and Emmanuel issues.

5} I think Liquorose has finally shined her eyes and she has found out that Emmanuel is a flirt.

6} I foresaw the issue Liquorose and Emmanuel are having now.

7} the Emmarose issue is sweating my body.