Apiens NFT, a next-generation NFTs startup, targets Web3 enthusiasts. They believe that everything is connected to the internet these days. It’s high-time that clothing is integrated with NFTs.

Apien NFT has just completed their whitelist minting. They will soon go on sale.

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What is Apien NFT?

Apiens is a community-focused Web3 startup creating blockchain-integrated clothing for web3 enthusiasts.

The world is constantly changing and everything will connect to the internet. Clothing is one example of this. We are on a mission to create “NFTs-integrated merch” for Web3 fans.

The major mission is to “create a compelling blockchain-integrated wearing experience for crypto- native people”.

Also to have “blockchain-integrated clothing == Apiens”.

Long term, the goal is to create an ecosystem that allows users:

  • Get rare and exclusive NFT Integrated merch on the Apiens Marketplace
  • You can earn commissions from the sale of merch.
  • Get access to our partner brands for building a business.
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts with our partners

What’s a BIC?

It is well-known that novel and more efficient solutions have been used to replace the existing solutions.

Every great product we have today is well-known for its ability to produce “brag-worthy propositions” and “irreversible behaviors.”

It’s strange for humans to boast about the new things they have discovered. BIC is new and exciting, and its users will boast about it’s awesomeness. This brag-worthy proposition becomes more important than the true selling point (USP).

BWP is a network effect, so more people are eager to get on board.

It will take users from point A (traditional wearing experience) to point B(BIC wearing experience). This new experience will cause irreversible behavior.

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Apiens NFT Roadmap

The realistic roadmap can be divided into four phases.

Phase 1

We have achieved a few of our goals at the time we write this. We are still working towards completing all of them.

Genesis drop

The 10 most valuable pieces were sold in opensea on February 27th, at 9:30 AM EST. This was done to raise pre-seed capital to support our startup’s marketing efforts, beta-testing new employees, and compensating existing staff.

The cumulative sales from the genesis sale were 23.1 ETH, including an opensea fee.

Here are the sales statistics for each genesis piece.

Argus Apien: 2.9 ETH

Meta Apien: 2.7 ETH

Punk Apien: 2.5 ETH

Fiery Apien: 2.33 ETH

Ophidian Apien: 2.2 ETH

Capra Apien: 2.2 ETH

Gold Apien: 2.01 ETH

Leman Apien: 2.1 ETH

Samurai Apien: 2.1 ETH

Automata Apien: 1.88 ETH

Personalized NFTs for Celebrities

Paris Hilton was honored by the Apiens team with an honorary piece. She is active in the education, support, and elevating of this space.

Paris saw the piece and decided to retweet it. She also commented on how much she loved the art.

This is Paris’s capsule of her marriage and her love for NFTs space. It will be part of the Apiens NFT historical piece in the Apiens nation.

Project collaborations

APIENS is a foundation for official collaboration with fashion brands. APIENS partners with international fashion brands to offer exclusive discounts to our holders.

They have recently teamed up with Exclusible.com, a premium fashion-focused NFTs marketplace, to create metaverse-wearable t-shirts.

These wearables will allow you to join the Metaverse party and receive exclusive Decentraland offers!

The partnership will continue and more utilities will be created for both communities in the near future.

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Main collection launch

Apiens is a collection made up of 8000 young, 3D rendered apes that represent high fashion trends and diverse cultures. It also reflects the evolution of fashion with age.

Apiens are unique and beautiful. They also have the best fashion traits.

These include hundreds of high-fashion clothing traits like Meta jackets and Astronaut Suit, as well as Trippy hoddies, Catwalk covers, and many more.

Back traits like Robo, Demon and Bat Arms are some of the most innovative techwear fashion additions.

Apiens NFT holders will have access to exclusive benefits like BIC sales commissions, discounts on brand products, and much more.

Phase 2

The commercialization plan is crucial for our goal to become a trusted, decentralized fashion brand. Here are some important details about Apiens ownership, derivative rights, as well as what you can do for Apiens holders.

Apiens ownership

Apiens LLC or the Apiens team owns the name “Apiens”, intellectual and other rights that aren’t specifically granted to holders/users.

This includes, but is not limited, to intellectual property rights surrounding images, websites, names, logos and trademarks, 3D layers files, user interface, smart contracts code, and any other rights not specifically granted by any of the following licenses.

Owners of commercial rights

You can own an Apien by minting an NFT using our smart contract! This allows you to trade, flex, and use it as pfp. You can also sell physical merchandise up to unlimited quantities.

This means that there is no cap on the annual revenue you can make from merchandise sales made with Apiens NFTs.

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Derivative Rights

They own the layers that were used to render Apiens nfts full. They prohibit the creation of derivatives using layer files. They do not recommend users to mint modified Apiens or derivatives.

Terms and Conditions

The user shall not use Apiens NFT, or any Apiens licensed material, in connection with any material that is fraudulent, hateful and abusive, profane. threatening. obscene. pornography.


If you mint Apiens NFTs, you agree to pay any tax liabilities that may result from selling or minting your Apiens.

Phase 3

This is the most exciting part of the journey. They will be creating digital merch to sell.

They plan to add value to the existing collection by creating a new experience. Imagine 3D walking Apiens, with interesting traits and different backgrounds. It will inform you of its location, vibe rank and how it is walking when you launch it.

All holders will be eligible to claim their walking Apiens. Claim walking Apiens: You send your Apiens via smart contract to receive a walking Apiens. Then you can return your Apien to you Apien by sending Walking Apiens.



  • 1. Flounder: Move clumsily, or struggle to move in water or mud.
  • 2. Meander: Move or cause to move along a winding or curving path
  • 3. Parade: March in a procession
  • 4. Ramble: Move aimlessly, or without a destination, etc

Region: The location of your Apiens.

Nearest objects


Apiens NFT’s primary goal is to create a vibrant ecosystem that offers products, services, and provides effective incentives.

Cloth3 (BIC), EDU3 and HELP3 are the three fundamental components of the ecosystem.