Reno Omokri mocked Anthony Joshua after he lost his championships in a recent fight, claiming that anything Buhari touches spoils, which is why he lost his titles to his colleague.
Reno Omokri was one of the few people who opposed Anthony Joshua allowing Buhari to touch his belts, but the young champion went ahead and did so, and now it appears that it was a stroke of bad luck.

This is Anthony Joshua’s first significant fight since he arrived in Nigeria and allowed President Buhari to touch his belts, and he has lost them all. Most people now believe that President Buhari touching his belts was a stroke of ill-luck for him, and he has now lost them all.

Reno Omokri reacting to that shared photos of Anthony Joshua and Buhari with the belts he has lost right now saying whatever Buhari touches asking fans to continue for him to prove his points of being a stroke of bad luck.

Anthony Joshua is set to have a rematch and reclaim all his belts but for now, everyone is blaming him for allowing Buhari to touch his titles, and now he has lost them all and has to start all over again.

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